Commercial Garage Door Installation

Servicing Central Illinois


Commercial Garage Door Installation

Servicing Central Illinois


Is your Garage Door giving you issues or do you need a New Garage Door? No matter your Garage Door needs, we have you covered!

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commercial garage door installation

Commercial Garage Door Services

We go beyond residential services by providing commercial garage door installation, maintenance, and repair. We serve businesses in Central Illinois. As a company, we understand the demands of running a successful business. That is why we offer free new commercial door and repair consultations. Our goal is to partner with you, making sure that your business runs as efficiently as possible. Schedule a free appointment with us today to learn more!

Safety Is Important!

Because safety is such an important part of running a successful business, we only hire highly trained commercial technicians. With in-depth safety protocols and extensive training, you can count on our technicians to install your door perfectly. This high level of workmanship ensures the safety of your employees and customers. When a door is installed correctly, you can also trust it to operate with long term efficiency and reliability. These are the standards we uphold for every commercial garage door installation.

Commercial Garage Door Installation

Our Commercial Garage Door Options

  • Commercial Rolling Steel Fire Doors
  • Commercial Rolling Steel Doors
  • Commercial Sheet Doors
  • Commercial Sectional Doors
  • Commercial High Speed Doors

To help you decide which commercial door will best suit your business, we offer free consultations. This means that one of our experienced technicians will measure the opening and ask questions about the door use in person. They will then build out quotes for several door materials and constructions. We do this to ensure that you get the door you want with no surprises. 

Our Openers and Tracks 

Without a quality garage door operator, a commercial door cannot operate at its best. To ensure that your entire garage door system is running with reliability and efficiency, we install LiftMaster operators. The LiftMaster line of commercial operators is constructed with strong, dependable materials. This guarantees that you can trust it to lift your door and protect your employees long term. No matter the size, weight, or operating needs of your door, we can pair it with the best LiftMaster operator. 

Because the ceiling of a business can vary in height, we have multiple track options. Along with the standard radius tracks, we also offer high and vertical lift tracks. High lift tracks are great for tall ceilings or businesses that need to store merchandise high above the floor. These are made by attaching additional hardware to your tracks in order to elevate the radius. This makes the garage door rest closer to the ceiling when in the up position. For vertical lift, we install tracks that allow your commercial garage door to rest completely against the wall above the opening. This option is preferred for many warehouse spaces so that the door is out of the way. 

For any questions about commercial garage door installation, contact us at 217-691-6073 to schedule your free consultation!

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