New Garage Door Installation

Servicing Central Illinois


New Garage Door Installation

Servicing Central Illinois


Is your Garage Door giving you issues or do you need a New Garage Door? No matter your Garage Door needs, we have you covered!

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new garage door installation

New Garage Door

We complete new garage door installations with the highest quality workmanship and products. With over 26 years in the industry, we understand the value of a door that works at its best. Shopping for a door that you can rely on long term is an important process. That is why we are here to guide you. From material to style to insulation, we can offer a wide range of options from two great brands, Clopay and DoorLink. In fact, we are a Clopay authorized dealer, giving us inside access to their products and service perks. To outfit your door in the best internal hardware, we trust LiftMaster openers. We also have a range of track options to fit your ceiling. 

Free Garage Door Quote / Consultation 

For our new door quotes, we offer free measurements and consultations. This means one of our technicians will visit your home to see the space in person. He will examine your opening, ask questions about your garage, and find out your vision for a new door. We aim to make your experience personalized and easy from the first visit to the post-installation check.

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Selecting Your New Garage Door

Whether you are looking for garage door replacement or to outfit your newly built home, we will lead you through the selection process. For the door itself, you will need to choose the material, style, and insulation that will best suit your home and budget. We have a diverse line of product options to fit the design of any home. 

Material – The material of your garage door is an important consideration which will impact the style of your door and the type of hardware you will need. We offer steel, aluminum, wood, and glass doors. Your most affordable options will be aluminum or steel, moving up in price as you consider glass or wood doors. 

Style – Traditional, carriage house, and modern are the three garage door styles. Within each of these is a wide range of color, window, and panel options for customization. Whether you have a historic, mid-century modern, barn house, or any other style home, we can find the perfect door to complement its architecture. 

Insulation – There are four insulation types that you can choose from for your new door. The first is a standard, non-insulated door. It will simply be the steel or aluminum sections and your cheapest option. Next, a two-layer insulated door will have exposed insulation on the back, providing some noise and temperature control. There are two types of three-layer insulation: polystyrene and polyurethane. Both of these options will have insulation sealed between steel for the most energy efficiency and noise reduction.

Selecting Your Opener and Track

Beyond door style and architecture, you will most likely want to select a new opener and track system. These are two of the internal hardware parts that will help your new door function at its best. Depending on the weight of the door you choose and the height of your garage ceiling, we can help you select the best opener and track. 

Opener – Since your garage door opener does most of the work to lift your door, it is important to get one that is high quality. LiftMaster tests their openers for reliability and rates them for door use. This ensures that you consistently get the best product for your garage. Whether you need a chain-drive, belt-drive, jack-shaft, or direct drive, we can outfit you with the right motor for your new door. 

Track – We offer the standard radius tracks including 10, 12, 15, 20, or 32-inches. We also offer specialty tracks like low headroom and high lift. Each of these track types determine how close your door sits to the ceiling when in the up position. Regardless of your ceiling’s height, we can measure and install a track that will be a perfect fit. 

No matter your new garage door installation needs, we are here to help! Contact us today at 217-691-6073 to schedule a free consultation.

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